Autumnal couple session in Piedmont

Most people prefer to schedule their couple session in spring or summer, when the weather is warmer and nature is glowing. Winter gets a bad press, everyone thinks that it gives a sad mood to a photography session. Well, we can promise that after seeing these photos you will see that winter can actually be a fantastic backdrop for some cute, romantic and funny couple photos!

Flavia and Simone are the perfect subjects: madly in love, super funny, completely in sync with each other. The moody colors of pines and terrain go so well together with with hugs, giggles and cuddles, and, of course, a warm red plaid! Shooting with them was so easy and relaxing – they really just felt like playing and having fun together – and the resulting pictures are so natural and spontaneous!

Thank you guys for letting us capture something real and emotional, something that we hope will always remind you of your happiness and love.

Location: Stupingi, Torino.