Could Beautiful Piedmont be your perfect Italian Wedding Destination?

Personally, we really think so! Are you looking for an amazing, out of the beaten path and yet very reachable Italian wedding destination? Read this article to learn why you should

Look no further than the beautiful and picturesque region of Piedmont!

Located in the northwest of Italy, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and delicious food and wine, Piedmont offers the perfect backdrop for your special day.

A quick disclaimer: we were born in Turin and are now Piedmont based wedding photographers, so we may be a little biased 😬 But, we genuinely believe that Piedmont can become the ideal location for your wedding day!

Our experience working and living in the region has allowed us to witness firsthand the breathtaking beauty of Piedmont and all it has to offer. We are convinced that couples who choose Piedmont for their wedding will not be disappointed, and we will list all the main reasons why. From the stunning Langhe countryside and majestic Alps to the rich history, culture, and cuisine of the region, Piedmont is a truly magical destination for your special day. We would be delighted to share our passion for this Region and our expertise with you, and help you capture your love story in this beautiful corner of Italy.

So, without further ado, here’s a non comprehensive list of the many reasons why we love Piedmont as an amazing Italian wedding destination!

1. Piedmont is an original and unique Italian wedding destination

that offers something different from the well-trodden paths of Tuscany, Lake Garda, and the Amalfi Coast – the most common choices for so many Italian destination weddings. And yet, its beautiful countryside and charming towns and villages are guaranteed to provide the most authentic Italian experience. In addition, Piedmont is renowned for its exceptional wines and culinary delights, and these will certainly contribute much to your special day. Choosing Piedmont as your wedding destination means that you will have ample choice: being surrounded by the natural beauty of the Alps or the rolling hills of the Langhe, enjoying the beauty of the shores of Lake Maggiore or the elegant and lively streets of Turin. With its relaxed atmosphere, traditional architecture, and warm and welcoming people, Piedmont will be a perfect choice if you’re after an intimate, unforgettable wedding experience that is well off the beaten path.

couple enjoying their romantic Italian wedding destination

2. The Langhe countryside is the best romantic wedding location.

The rolling hills dotted with vineyards, hazelnut groves, and quaint villages offer a breathtakingly beautiful setting for your wedding photos! Imagine saying “I do” surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Langhe countryside: the Langhe countryside (some tourist info here and here) is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Piedmont, and it makes for a spectacular wedding destination. This region is home to so many stunning venues that are perfect for hosting a wedding ceremony and reception: from grand historical castles and palaces to charming rustic farmhouses and luxurious relais, you’ll find ample choices to suit your taste and preferences!

In addition to the impressive array of wedding venues, the Langhe region is also renowned for its exceptional local products, which can be incorporated into your delicious wedding menu. The region’s wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera, are some of the finest in Italy and are sure to impress your guests with their quality and complexity. The Langhe is also famous for its truffles and hazelnuts, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wedding menu. Whether you opt for a traditional Piedmontese menu or a modern fusion of local and international flavors, you are sure to create a dining experience that is unforgettable and unique.

The Langhe countryside’s natural beauty, coupled with the abundance of local products and exceptional venues, makes it a perfect wedding destination that is both romantic and unforgettable. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, the Langhe region is sure to have everything you need to make it a reality. Here’s a wedding we recently photographed that proves that these places are amazing even under the rain!

copuple getting married in Piedmont, a beautiful italian wedding destination

3. The Alps, and their endless possibilities!

If love mountains, hiking and adventure and you’re looking for a more dramatic backdrop, the Alps are only a short drive away! Piedmont’s Alps are a true hidden gem. Often overlooked as a wedding destination, they can actually offer a unique and unforgettable experience for your wedding day. One of the most charming and original ways to celebrate a wedding in the Alps is by organizing an intimate ceremony at a typical “rifugio”, a mountain house that provides food and accommodation to hikers and visitors. Many of these rifugios have been modernized and offer excellent facilities that can accommodate small to medium-sized weddings – this one is a great example!

The Piedmontese Alps offer some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring landscapes in Italy, with majestic peaks, rugged terrain, and pristine nature that provide the perfect backdrop for a mountain wedding. And there’s more! The region’s proximity to the plain and larger cities such as Turin and Milan makes it easily accessible and ideal if you want to combine your wedding celebration with a city break or a honeymoon in Italy.

Should you choose to get married in the Alps, you’ll enjoy a range of activities that make the most of the region’s natural beauty, such as hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. Additionally, most of the rifugios offer traditional and delicious Piedmontese cuisine, made with local and seasonal ingredients, which add a touch of authenticity and charm to the wedding menu. Whether you opt for a cozy and intimate ceremony in a rifugio or a grander celebration with a stunning mountain backdrop, the Piedmontese Alps are sure to provide a wedding experience that is unique, unforgettable, and breathtakingly beautiful.

If you’re already in love with the Alps, check our this guide to the awesomest mountains in Italy we recently published!

The Alps in Piedmont, an awesome italian wedding destination
couple having a destination wedding in Italy by an alpine lake in Piedmont

4. Piedmont is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes

that make for exceptional wedding destinations. Lago Maggiore, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, is the largest in the Region and boasts elegant and majestic villas that line its shores. The lake’s deep blue waters and scenic mountain backdrop create a stunning setting for a romantic and sophisticated wedding. Another great option could be Lago d’Orta, which we find has a more intimate and cozy atmosphere with its smaller size and picturesque villages dotted around its shore. The lake’s peaceful and tranquil ambiance is perfect for couples seeking a more laid-back and intimate wedding celebration. With their breathtaking natural beauty, charming towns, and unique character, both Lago Maggiore and Lago d’Orta are excellent choices if you’re looking for an alternative wedding destination in Piedmont. If you’re curious, here’s a wedding we recently photographed on Lake Maggiore!

a view of lago maggiore, a major italian wedding destination in Piedmont

5. If you love art and culture, then

Piedmont is the perfect place for your wedding. The region is steeped in history and boasts an impressive array of cultural and architectural heritage, from medieval castles to baroque palaces, and noble villas of the 1700s and 1800s. These grand and luxurious villas can provide a stunning setting for your wedding, with their grandeur and elegance leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.

As an example, Castello di Collegno, which was recently featured in the Netflix series “The Law According to Lidia Poët,” is a perfect venue if you’re looking for an old-world charm for your wedding. Its majestic interiors, frescoed ceilings and beautifully landscaped gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding that is steeped in history and culture.

In summary, Piedmont is an ideal wedding destination for those who love art and culture, with its rich history and cultural heritage providing a wealth of possibilities for your wedding celebrations. From medieval castles to baroque palaces, the region is a treasure trove of history waiting to be explored. Additionally, Piedmont is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy and the vineyard landscape of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

6. If your ideal Italian Wedding Destination is a vibrant and charming city,

look no further than Piedmont’s capital Turin!

a view from the rooftops of Turin, Italy, photo by Valerio Elia, italian destination wedding photographer

This is your perfect Italian wedding destination if you’re looking for something authentic and off the beaten path. Unlike the hugely popular tourist destinations of Venice or Florence, Turin has a unique charm that is still largely undiscovered by the masses. The city is steeped in rich history, art, and architecture, with elegant squares, historic cafes, and world-class museums that offer endless possibilities for you and your guests to enjoy before or after your wedding day. Oh, and Turin is also known as the birthplace of Italian cinema…this can undoubtedly offer a touch of glamour and sophistication to your wedding! An awesome choice you could make in Turin is to have your wedding in a stylish hotel with a rooftop terrace overlooking the city, its hills and the Alps far away into the horizon. Alternatively, you could opt for one of the many beautiful villas dotting the hills of Turin and overlooking the city…the possibilities are endless!

7. Piedmont produces some of the world’s most celebrated wines

including Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and Barbera. Your wedding day can become a marvelous opportunity to sample some of the region’s finest wines and even organize a wine tasting tour for your guests. A wine tasting tour is a great way to experience the beauty and flavors of Piedmont and make your wedding celebrations even more unforgettable. Furthermore, many wedding venues in Piedmont are farmhouses that produce their own wine, or they source excellent wines from small local producers, allowing couples and their guests to sample some of the finest wines the region has to offer.

couple on their wedding day in the Langhe countryside, a beautiful wedding destination in Italy

8. Piedmontese cuisine is not to be missed.

Of course, no Italian wedding would be complete without delicious food, and Piedmontese cuisine (a convenient guide to it here) is not to be missed. The region’s cuisine is renowned for its use of fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Some of the must-try dishes include vitello tonnato, bagna cauda, agnolotti del plin, and truffles. Your and your guests will be in foodie heaven! Moreover, Piedmont is also known for its production of cheese, such as the famous Castelmagno, which can be the perfect addition to your wedding menu. Piedmont can also boast some excellent dessert specialties, such as bicerin, a traditional hot drink made with espresso, chocolate, and cream, and gianduiotti, a type of chocolate made with Piedmont’s famous hazelnuts. Last but not least, Piedmont’s chocolate and patisserie tradition results in seriously delicious, first-class Italian gelato! BONUS TIP FROM US: a local gelataio armed with a traditional Italian ice cream cart can serve the most awesome Italian dessert to everybody and the wedding, in the most funny, charming and delicious way! And finally,

9. Piedmont’s excellent transport links make it the perfect Italian Wedding Destination!

Really, don’t underestimate logistics, Piedmont is quite central and super easy to get to from anywhere in Italy and Europe. Excellent rail links that connect to other major Italian cities such as Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples, with high-speed trains whisking you to your destination in comfort and convenience. Turin is also well connected with France via high-speed trains, making it an ideal destination for couples and guests traveling from across Europe. Moreover, with Turin’s airport offering convenient flights to other European destinations, and the major international Milan Malpensa airport just a short drive away, international guests will find Piedmont an easy and accessible location to reach for your special day.

With its excellent transport links, Piedmont is the perfect starting point for an Italian or European honeymoon: it’ll be very convenient to reach beautiful honeymoon destinations such as Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, the beautiful Italian Riviera, French Provence, even Paris! These are all at a few hours of fast train from Piedmont’s capital Turin, so your will to explore is the only limit!

Here and here are a few more links to weddings we photographed in Piedmont. If you’d like to chat with us about your own wedding, in Piedmont or elsewhere, send us a message!