Tips for organising an Airbnb wedding in Italy

If you are considering venturing to Italy for your big day, why not to take advantage of the convenience of an Airbnb wedding venue.

As you might have guessed if you’ve read some of our previous posts, we’re all about it! Here’s a few tips, we really hope these will help you to realise the dream of a unique, unforgettable wedding in our country:

1. Keep in mind that Airbnb properties are typically best for elopements or otherwise small gatherings – like a micro wedding. However, there’s a lot of variety on Airbnb, and some homeowners have designed their space to be perfect for events.

2. We would recommend that you deal with the actual, legally binding procedure for a wedding in your home country. Of course, foreigners can get officially married in Italy, but we personally don’t feel this is not worth the trouble and the extra bureaucracy.

3. Opt for a very simple informal and symbolic ceremony: just make it about what you feel for each other! You could simply read out your vows to each other, this alone will be a priceless and emotional moment.

4. If you’re planning on sharing this wonderful, intimate moment with your closest friends and family, share your plans with them well in advance: with such a tiny group, it’ll be much easier to find the best moment for everybody – for example a long weekend – and you’ll have much more freedom to choose the venue you like the most, even if it’s a tiny one!

5. Contact the host and inform them of your intentions for using their property before you book: better to be open and talk with them, so you can be sure they are 100% ok with your plans!

6. Do not overstress it! Think of an elopement or an Airbnb wedding as a small vacation to unwind, relax, and enjoy a few days by yourselves, or with your closest family and friends. You’ll discover this is so much easier than organising a huge, full fledged wedding anyways!

7. If needed, seek local advice! If your selected Airbnb venue already has some experience in hosting weddings, chances are they will be able to give you great tips on local florists or any other kind of extra service you might need.

8. Ask your photographers: it’s not a coincidence that we’re telling you about elopements in Italy! This is a kind of wedding that we absolutely love to photograph, and, if you’re thinking of planning one but you’re stuck on some detail, you could just shoot us an email: if there’s something we can do about it, we’ll be happy to help!

That’s it, hopefully this was helpful! Now you can learn some more about this unique kind of destination wedding in our first post about Airbnb weddings, or check out our personal pick of the most awesomest Italian Airbnbs!