Top 10 Airbnb micro-wedding venues in Italy

Disclaimer: all of the pictures in this post are NOT ours, they’re taken from the respective Airbnb listings.

If you’re dreaming of a tiny, intimate wedding attended exclusively by the few people you love the most, or a romantic elopement just for the two of you, you just can’t go wrong with a simple and unique Airbnb wedding!

Browsing Airbnb for the coolest hidden places that could be the perfect base for your romantic Italian elopement or micro wedding is lots of fun in and of itself, but we the locals did a little bit of work for you and put together a list of our personal favourite Airbnb finds from all over the Boot: here they are!

  1. Langhe loft Vista Terre, a natural home in Barolo

Location: Langhe, Piedmont. Vineyards Best for: Elopements, intimate weddings. Why we love it: a unique place for the lovers of nature and design, and of the two things combined. Imagine having a ceremony for the two of you only, on this balcony, with a stunning view on the vineyards… just lovely!

2. Langhe Country house, an ancient farmhouse in Neive

Location: Langhe, Piedmont. Vineyards Best for: Elopements, and micro weddings (10-12 guests). Why we love it: this place combines the beauty of an ancient 1700s farmhouse with the comfort of a modern boutique hotel. The owners took care of every small detail, and the result is truly unbelievable! Also, it is near Neive and Barolo, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

3. Al Capanno, a small cabin on Como Lake

Location: Lake Como, Lombardy. Italian lakes Best for: Elopements. Why we love it: a youthful and playful hideout, with a stunning view on Como lake.

4. A stylish trullo in Ostuni, Apulia

Location: Ostuni, Apulia. Best for: Micro weddings. Why we love it: this place is just so good! You can spend some romantic time in this rural home, relaxing at the pool and enjoying the sunset. We think it could be perfect for a romantic get-away!

5. An ancient farmhouse in Sicily

Location: Vittoria, Sicily. Olive farm. Best for: Elopements and intimate weddings. Why we love it: it’s an exceedingly beautiful old farm amidst vineyards and olive groves. The surrounding countryside is rich of organic farms, wineries and similar dream places for real lovers of good wine, good food and relax!

6. La Casa di Gesso, modern minimalist open space in Abruzzo

Location: Gissi, Abruzzo. Modern location. Best for: Elopements. Why we love it: for its modern, minimalist design which doesn’t take away from the cozy and intimate felling of the place, for the lovely balcony and its awesome view on the countryside and the sea!

7. Poderi Vignalonga, large cozy farmhouse in Tuscany

Location: Castiglion d’Orcia, Tuscany. Farmhouse. Best for: Small weddings (15-20 guests). Why we love it: this is a true wedding venue situated right in the middle of a countryside so beautiful that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, the villa has a Finnish sauna, what more can you ask for?

8. An original boho yurta in Valchiusella

Location: Brosso, Piedmont. Yurt tent. Best for: Elopements. Why we love it: such a unique location! The surrounding mountains offer lots of alternatives for those who love to explore, adventure and enjoy nature. Plus, the unique experience of living in a yurt will surely make your elopement truly unforgettable!

9. Domus civita, a 14th century palace with underground caves in the italian jewel of Civita di Bagnoregio

Location: Civita di Bagnoregio, Lazio. Best for: Micro weddings (2-8 guests). Why we love it: the location of Civita speaks for itself (it’s one of the most beautiful village in Italy, a place that can be reached only on foot) and the surrounding countryside is absolutely beautiful – we realize this is starting to be a very common feature of venues in this list! – but here you can enjoy a very unique experience in their ancient caves and in their green terrace.

10. L’antico fienile, a renovated barn on the top of the mountain

Location: Brissogne, Aosta Valley. Renovated barn. Best for: Elopements. Why we love it: ’cause it’s a really unique and beautiful structure! The 150 years old barn has been entirely renovated by the owner, who took the greatest care of respecting the history and original aesthetics of the place. The surrounding woods and nature make it a true dream elopement location!

11. Honorable mention! Il Parco del Grep

Location: Monteu da Po, Piedmont. Cabins, treehouses and tents! Best for: Elopements, micro weddings. Why we love it: we’re breaking the rules here: this is not an AirBnB listing! However, the place is truly awesome and unique: here you can sleep in actual treehouses and hanging tents, and your elopement will be truly delicious, thanks to the adjoining tiny restaurant that can be booked for an intimate dinner with up to 10 people!

They’re so cool, aren’t they? If you’re wondering what are the steps to end up tying the knot in one of these amazing places, check out our tips on how to organize a micro wedding or elopement in Italy – we promise it’s much simpler than you might think!

You can also learn some more about this unique kind of destination wedding in our first post about Airbnb weddings!

Finally, if you’d like to get some personal tips and talk about your dream of an Italian wedding with somebody who attended hundreds of weddings of all kinds, you can shoot us an email, we’ll be happy to help!