Authentic, Amazing Wedding in Borgo Sant’Anna, Piedmont

So, here’s our favorite wedding at Borgo Sant’Anna from last season – definitely a very special day that the bride and groom, Giulia and Pietro, will remember forever after! Picture them, with all of their Italian flair, all ready for their big day. The day started in their cozy family home in Cossombrato, Piedmont – vintage vibes, personal touches: we where in love with the scene from the start!

The day kicked off with the bride and groom getting ready in this charming ancient countryside home sitting on the hilltop in the town of Cossombrato – an authentic Italian backdrop for this super lovely couple. Now, imagine – and check out in pictures – this ancient, majestic tree in the courtyard, witnessing their first look…talk about emotions running high!

And, soon after, the ceremony unfolded right there in the garden of their family property, surrounded by heartfelt words and friends sharing in the joy. It was intimate, personal, and just perfect for Giulia and Pietro. Fast forward to the cool part – they move everything to close-by Borgo Sant’Anna, an absolute gem of a venue nestled in the Langhe vineyards in Piedmont. From aperitif to dinner and then a wild party, it was a day that’ll be etched in their memories.

The faboulous details

Now, let’s dive into what made Giulia and Pietro’s Borgo Sant’Anna wedding extra special. A honorable mention goes to the beautiful decors, all about soft pinks and blues, from the delicate flowers to the wedding typography. Giulia, our awesome bride, rocked a classic white dress, and she was stunning against this dreamy palette. We had a blast capturing all these lovely details. The country home in Cossombrato, where they got ready, was like a photographer’s playground with its beautifully lit spaces.

We must admit that the wedding planner Simone Todisco and his team where nothing less than extraordinaire! They worked their magic on every beautiful detail. Seriously, it was like stepping into a Pinterest board – from the smallest flower arrangement to the grandest wedding signage. The floweres were made by the super talented Viale Flower farm, and they were amazing! Simone made sure everything flowed seamlessly, letting us focus on snapping those precious moments. So, when you scroll through the attached pics, know that each one tells a story of love, laughter, and a bit of behind-the-scenes fun.

The getting ready in their family home

Giulia and Pietro, our lovebirds, had a morning to remember. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle of separate venues, they chose the groom’s family villa in Cossombrato for their getting-ready moments. The vibe? Think rustic charm meets elegant simplicity. Giulia shared laughs and precious moments with her bridesmaids, while Pietro had some quality time with his pals. Doing it all under the same roof where the ceremony and photo shoot would unfold kept things refreshingly uncomplicated.

No fancy hotel rooms, just the familiarity of home. It was intimate, personal, and oh-so-relaxed. Giulia slipped into her gorgeous dress with her closest friends by her side, and Pietro did the suit-up dance with his buddies. The air was filled with excitement and a touch of nostalgia as they prepared for the big day. It was one of those mornings that set the tone for a day full of love, surrounded by the people who mattered most.

First look and couple pictures

Picture this — Giulia and Pietro standing beneath the biggest tree in the villa’s yard, just soaking in the moment. It was all about the feels! The kind that makes your heart skip a beat. And we were there, cameras in hand, capturing their genuine connection.

Then came the fun part! We took them on a little tour around the villa. No stiff poses, just them being themselves, laughing and dancing. Giulia’s laughter was contagious, and Pietro couldn’t stop twirling her around. Meeting before the ceremony was genius; it was like a warm-up for the big day, a chance to shake off any pre-wedding jitters and just enjoy each other’s company.

The ceremony in the home garden

Jumping ahead to the ceremony – it went down in the villa’s garden, surrounded by family and friends. Giulia and Pietro said their vows, and let us tell you, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Tears, laughter, and all that good stuff. The violin playing in the background? Absolute magic. The whole thing was cozy and personal, just the way a love celebration should be. We were there, capturing every teary-eyed moment, every grin, and every promise they shared under the open sky.

Borgo Sant’Anna, a Michelin star wedding venue

Giulia and Pietro’s wedding took a delightful turn as they moved from their cozy family home to the beautiful Borgo Sant’anna. Here, the setting was nothing short of enchanting, nestled among the rolling hills and vineyards of the Langhe all around. The Borgo, with its world-class Michelin restaurant, brought some serious class and atmosphere to the celebration, setting the perfect stage for the evening’s festivities. The sweeping views of the surrounding landscape added a touch of magic to their celebration, making it a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

The vibe was just perfect, not too fancy but still elegant. Everyone loved the beautiful views, making Giulia and Pietro’s big day even more special. The whole gang enjoyed the aperitif surrounded by the lush vineyards, sipping on local wines and nibbling on some fantastic bites. The setting sun cast a warm glow, making everything look magical. Then, as the night fell, the classy atmosphere of Borgo Sant’anna transformed into a lively party scene, with laughter, joy, and a bit of dancing under the stars. It was a night to remember!

The photos at sunset

As the sun dipped low, bathing everything in a golden glow, Giulia and Pietro lucked out with the perfect moment for their romantic photo session. They not only had a blast capturing some beautiful shots but also got to steal away for a quiet, intimate moment together, away from the buzz of the party.

The sun was setting, giving us that beautiful golden light, and Giulia and Pietro couldn’t have asked for a better time for their photos. They had a great time capturing those special moments, and it was a nice breather for them, away from the hustle of the party. Here’s a sweet twist – this lovely Malinois who was there with one of the guests, made a surprise appearance. He joined in the fun and even got his own little photoshoot with the couple. It was a fun, unexpected touch that added a lot of charm to the day!

Dinner at Borgo Sant’Anna

Dinner at Borgo Sant’anna was a blast! Giulia and Pietro, along with their friends and family, gathered inside to enjoy the feast, and the Michelin-starred magic in the kitchen turned every bite into a flavor explosion. Laughter and love filled the air as they dug into the delicious Piedmontese cuisine. The vitel tonné, a typical Piedmontese starter, was our personal absolute winner: the Borgo’s chef’s unique recipe had a twist that made our taste buds do a happy dance, and the dish was most definitely a crowd-pleaser. Surrounded as we were by good vibes, laughs, and yummy food, we really felt this dinner was a time for good food, shared stories, and toasting to the happiness of the newlyweds.

Dances – with a dinosaur surprise!

The day concluded with the magical cutting of the cake, lit by sparklers, and the most unexpected twist. Pietro and some of his brave companions donned inflatable dinosaur costumes, and proceeded to storm the dance floor. It was just hilarious, and the dance floor saw some definitely unexpected moves, making it a night to remember! The celebration rocked on, making memories that had everyone smiling till the wee hours.

Being part of Giulia and Pietro’s wedding at Borgo Sant’Anna felt like living inside a fairytale. From the cozy moments in the family villa to the lively celebration at Borgo Sant’Anna, every photo tells a story of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We don’t just recommend a “wedding at Borgo Sant’Anna”; we’re practically shouting from the rooftops about the incredible experience it offers. If you’re after a day that’s genuine, heartwarming, and just downright beautiful, this little slice of Piedmontese paradise is ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Borgo Sant’Anna, with its vineyards and Michelin-starred elegance, provided the perfect backdrop for our newlyweds’ journey.

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