2025 Top Luxury Wedding Venues in Italy

In the enchanting realm of destination weddings, Italy stands out as a timeless treasure. Acting as your trusted guides to the most intimate and luxurious wedding experiences in this beautiful country, we are thrilled to unveil our freshly curated list of the 2025 top luxury wedding venues in Italy.

For those dreaming of an affair that seamlessly blends breathtaking landscapes, sumptuous cuisine, as well as great elegance and sophistication, this list is your key to unlocking the finest that Italy has to offer.

Each venue is a jewel in the crown of this romantic haven, promising not just a celebration but a journey into the heart of la dolce vita.

Join us as we walk you through these excellent locations, tailor-made for those of you who are dreaming of the most romantic, intimate and luxurious wedding in Italy! Now, let’s start the exploration of our 2025 top luxury wedding venues in Italy for good:

Lupaia – Tuscany

luxury wedding venue in tuscany called lupaia, an ancient borgo on the tuscany hills.

Sitting atop the rolling hills of Tuscany, Lupaia welcomes you to a hilltop hideaway where nature’s beauty takes center stage. As you ascend the Tuscan hillside, surrounded by vineyards and woodlands, this romantic retreat unfolds. Dating back to 1622, the farm dwellings at Lupaia exude history, with stone hearths and original beams whispering tales of the past.

Step into a world where private gardens and picture windows frame the enchanting Tuscan landscape. The panoramic views are not just scenery; they are an invitation to embrace a slower tempo, allowing nature to weave its spell.

At Lupaia, Chef Andrea’s traditional open kitchen stands as the heart of the retreat. Inspired by garden harvests and seasonal produce, the Tuscan menus promise a culinary journey through the delicious flavors of the region.

Lupaia is an immersion into authentic experiences that reveal the essence of the region’s nature and traditions. From panoramic vistas to the heartwarming aromas of Tuscan cuisine. You can be sure that every moment of your luxurious wedding at Lupaia will feel like a timeless embrace.

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Villa Regina Teodolinda – Lake Como

front of an ancient villa on the lake side of Como, villa regina teodolinda, a luxury wedding venue on the lake como

Nestled in the enchanting lakeside village of Laglio on Lake Como, Villa Regina Teodolinda stands as a timeless testament to beauty and exclusivity. The Villa is like a dreamy movie setting, a place where stars might wander. Apparently, even George Clooney was eyeing it, but couldn’t quite get it in the end!

The unique lakeside access allows getting there and departing by water. This lends a unique air of romance, making this villa an ideal canvas for a true luxury wedding in Italy.

The Villa’s namesake Queen Teodolinda resided here from 589 to 616. Revered as a charming and clever lady, Queen Teodolinda became the beloved Saint Queen Tedolinda, and her legacy is woven into the villa’s history.

The Villa is at its most charming at night, when old oleanders cast their delicate fragrance throughout the villa’s gardens. At the end of the 19th century, Villa Regina Teodolinda became a haven for Milan’s upper middle class. Here, gentlemen delved into discussions about politics and the future, all while relishing the lush lake surroundings perfumed by rare plants and flowers.

Villa Regina Teodolinda isn’t just a venue; it’s a story waiting for you to add your own chapter to it.

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Nordelaia – Piedmont

View from above of Nordelaia, a boutique hotel perfect for weddings in Piedmont

Set in a beautiful scenery of steep hillsides, Nordelaia invites you to savor life’s essentials: cherished moments with friends and family, breathtaking views, and the luxury of time for yourself. Embraced by five hectares of fertile land, Nordelaia seamlessly weaves heritage, design, comfort, and nature into one of Piedmont’s very best luxury wedding experiences.

Rooted in an 800-year-old farmhouse, Nordelaia underwent a meticulous three-year reconstruction, honoring its legacy while infusing modern elements guided by a deep respect for tradition. This enchanting retreat features spaces for every mood and occasion. Lose yourself in a book in cozy corners, engage in a chess match in the games room, or savor the sunrise on outdoor terraces. Benches overlooking the grapevines and a heated pool offer perfect spots for contemplation and relaxation.

The twelve uniquely designed rooms, inspired by the local flora and fauna, celebrate Italian craftsmanship and heritage, each exuding its distinctive character. Apartments on the top floor provide private escapes with skylights framing stars and expansive windows embracing stunning views.

Nordelaia is the perfect idyllic setting for love to flourish. It will be the perfect venue for hosting a luxurious yet intimate wedding. With the capacity to host up to 100 guests indoors or outdoors, the dedicated team ensures personalized service and a memorable culinary experience, promising a day that etches itself into the tapestry of your love story. Should you choose to celebrate your love at Nordelaia, you can be assured that every moment resonates with timeless beauty and heartfelt joy.

Borgo di Pietrafitta – Tuscany

Borgo di Pietrafitta from above, a perfect venue for weddings in Tuscany

Located in the heart of Chianti, Borgo di Pietrafitta Relais invites you to experience the soul of Tuscany in a meticulously restored medieval village. Picture staying in a place where tranquility meets thoughtful design in every detail.

Green hills adorned with vineyards and olive groves surround you, creating a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your special day. The relais offers eight exclusive bedrooms in a charming manor house, each providing an authentic slice of Tuscan life.

Within the Borgo, 15 beautifully renovated apartments in ancient watchtowers, a school, and other historic buildings offer a country-chic ambiance, allowing you to immerse yourself in the colors of nature. The Borgo di Pietrafitta becomes the canvas for your fairy-tale wedding. The consecrated church sets the stage for religious ceremonies, while the well-trained staff ensures every detail is tended to.

Whether you prefer an intimate affair or a grand celebration, the Borgo offers versatile spaces both inside and out. Imagine a welcome drink in the barbecue area or a cocktail by the pool — the possibilities are endless. The Borgo can be exclusively yours, accommodating up to 90 people across its bedrooms and apartments.

And, of course, what’s a celebration in Chianti without excellent wine? The cellars of Borgo di Pietrafitta, adorned with charming old barrels, serve as a multi-purpose space. From delightful breakfasts to wine and cheese tastings, every moment is an experience. The panoramic barbecue area provides a breathtaking backdrop for sunset views over the Tuscan hills.

The Borgo offers exclusive spaces like the Sala delle Botti and expansive gardens, ideal for your wedding dinner and party. Collaborating with external partners, the relais ensures top-quality catering to make your occasion truly special.

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La Pescaia – Tuscany

La Pescaia is an estate in Tuscany, famous place for luxury weddings in Italy

Beautifully situated in the Tuscan countryside, La Pescaia Resort beckons you to experience the allure of this charming natural haven. With a rich history steeped in ancient traditions, the resort offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. The estate comprises 14 rooms and 2 apartments housed in three distinct buildings, each having its own unique charm. Overlooking the central court, these accommodations share spacious common areas, ensuring a tranquil and sophisticated stay for you and your guests.

Imagine exchanging vows amidst ancient olive trees and the intoxicating scent of blooming jasmine at Villa Tolomei, a jewel within La Pescaia Resort. The venue spans 6000 square meters of parks and gardens, complemented by 300 square meters of indoor spaces, creating an enchanting backdrop for your dream wedding. Every detail is meticulously curated and customized to reflect the wishes and tastes of the couple, promising an unforgettable celebration of eternal love.

For the most intimate experience, the bride and groom, along with 34 guests, can stay in the charming villa and adjacent apartments. Adding a touch of uniqueness, La Pescaia Resort boasts an organic flower farm on its grounds. Here, beautiful and rare flowers, often unavailable in the market, are cultivated, offering an exceptional assortment of seasonal blooms.

At sunset, the Resort’s restaurant will allow you to savor a selection of menus that seamlessly blend traditional Tuscan cuisine with a commitment to sustainability. Only ingredients produced according to the principles of sustainable food and organic farming are chosen, with vegetables sourced from the resort’s organic garden and other products exclusively selected from regional Tuscany producers. At La Pescaia Resort, your love will be celebrated with the best luxury wedding experience Italy can offer.

Tenuta di Casa Bruciata – Umbria

Casa Bruciata from above during a wedding in Umbria

Nestled on the Umbria-Tuscany border, Tenuta di Casa Bruciata offers a unique Italian getaway in a finely restored farmhouse, a testament to the luxurious Umbria lifestyle. With seven apartments and two villas, this haven is perched on a privileged hilltop, treating guests to an unparalleled view of rolling green hills and serene countryside.

Throughout your wedding day at Casa Bruciata, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape, where silence reigns and the infinity pool beckons for relaxation. The experience goes beyond aesthetics, embracing an organic ethos with food and wine offerings. The friendly, laid-back atmosphere, curated by the passionate owners, creates a home-away-from-home ambiance.

Once a medieval fortress dominating the valley, Casa Bruciata now stands as an elegant working farm, preserving historical features through sensitive restoration. The air is filled with the melody of birdsong, a symphony against the backdrop of a green, picture-postcard valley.

This idyllic setting extends its warmth to intimate wedding experiences, marrying luxury and authenticity in the heart of Italy. Casa Bruciata invites you to celebrate life’s finest details, bask in the richness of the countryside, and create lasting memories in an atmosphere that embodies the essence of luxurious living.

Masseria San Giovanni – Puglia

Main building of Masseria San Giovanni in Puglia

In the heart of the picturesque Itria Valley in Puglia, Masseria San Giovanni lies nestled amidst ancient olive groves and in close proximity to Regional Parks and the Adriatic beaches of Savelletri and Torre Canne. This charming venue is a true haven of tranquillity. Dating back to the second half of the 19th century, the Masseria reflects the traditional architecture of a fortified farmhouse, providing a timeless backdrop for your special day.

Having your Italian luxury wedding at Masseria San Giovanni will be synonymous with style. And, better yet, you’ll get to Indulge in the authentic flavors of Apulian culinary traditions. The venue’s commitment to a “zero km” philosophy ensures the highest quality of local produce.

Should you decide to plan your wedding reception at this unique venue, the Masseria’s concierge team will be dedicated to tailoring your event according to its size, the season, and your specific preferences. Collaborating with reputable professionals and catering partners, Masseria San Giovanni ensures a customized and unforgettable luxury wedding experience.

The Masseria boasts 15 rooms, strategically positioned to provide a sense of space and privacy for all guests. Each room offers different viewpoints, whether it’s the citrus grove, landscape and hills, or the Adriatic Sea and olive groves. The furniture and decors pay homage to Apulian tradition while incorporating design touches for the contemporary traveler. At Masseria San Giovanni, your event will unfold in the most harmonious blend of history, nature, and the warmth of Italian hospitality.

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Villa Cimbrone – Amalfi

Villa Cimbrone from above, a luxurious wedding venue in Amalfi

Step into the enchanting world of Hotel Villa Cimbrone, a timeless gem nestled in the heart of Ravello, Italy. This 12th-century residence, belonging to the esteemed Vuilleumier family, stands as one of the most prestigious Hotels de Charme in the entire Mediterranean.

Villa Cimbrone truly embodies the essence of a bygone era: here, your wedding day will unfold amidst luxury ambiances adorned with vaulted and frescoed ceilings, stone fireplaces, antique decorations and marvelous views of the sea and gardens

The highlight of Villa Cimbrone is undoubtedly its breathtaking gardens. Redesigned at the start of the 20th century with the expertise of English gardener Vita Sackville-West, these gardens are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Europe. Villa Cimbrone stands as an exemplar of English landscape and botany culture in this idyllic corner of Italy. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to indulge in the timeless charm of Hotel Villa Cimbrone, where history, nature, and elegance converge in perfect harmony that will make your luxurious Italian wedding a true once in a lifetime experience.

Convento dell’Annunciata – Mantova

Convento dell'Annunciata garden

Convento dell’Annunciata is an ancient family home cocooned within a secluded woodland area. The echo of centuries past resonates through every corner, inviting you on a journey of historical, artistic, and environmental exploration.

The owner’s commitment is monumental — to preserve this unspoiled slice of the Italian landscape, a 15th-century convent nestled within a vast park, for the generations yet to come. Imagine how all this could become the framing for the most exclusive and romantic Italian wedding experience!

This hidden gem of a venue is brimming with surprises, a mere stone’s throw from the enchanting Lake Garda, nestled at the foot of the Morainic Hills adorned with charming medieval villages. It unveils itself as a contemporary revelation, an escape from the ordinary, offering an authentic experience away from the beaten path. If you choose to tie the knot here, you should prepare to be captivated by the timeless charm of Convento dell’Annunciata, where nature, history, and tranquility converge in a symphony of beauty that will make your wedding day last forever in your most precious memories.

La Villa Hotel – Piedmont

La Villa Hotel patio during a luxury wedding

Nestled in the rolling Piemontese countryside, La Villa Hotel stands as a 16th-century palazzo transformed into an award-winning boutique hotel, a serene escape surrounded by vineyards. Nicola, the visionary owner, has meticulously crafted a boutique hideaway that seamlessly blends country chic with attentive service, evoking a sense of home from the moment you step through the doors.

Each of the 15 unique rooms reflects a perfect harmony of new and vintage furniture, spacious and airy, adorned with neutral colors and natural fabrics. La Villa prides itself on attention to detail, setting it apart as the ideal setting for some of the most intimate and romantic luxury wedding in Italy.

The hotel’s award-winning restaurant mirrors its philosophy, sourcing the best local ingredients and presenting them in a stylish yet relaxed environment. La Villa is a gateway to Piemonte’s winelands, a sensory feast boasting hilltop villages, gourmet delights, and world-class wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, and nearby Barbera.

La Villa feels like a large, private country home, thanks to its friendly, hands-on style. A place where you’ll experience the best Italian lifestyle, reassured that every detail is tended to. La Villa features a lounge and bar area, a small spa, and numerous outdoor retreats, including a spacious pool area, courtyard, garden, and deck. La Villa Hotel beckons you to experience the charm of Piemonte in an atmosphere where every moment is crafted for tranquility and delight. A wedding in this luxury venue in Italy will not be easily forgotten.

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Villa Oliva

Villa Oliva from the front during a sunny day

Journey to the heart of Tuscany, just a stone’s throw from Lucca, and discover the splendor of Villa Oliva. Nestled on the hills of San Pancrazio, this historic villa offers prestige and exclusivity in the province of Lucca. The villa is cocooned within a vast, fenced park, spanning approximately five hectares. In its gardens, a tapestry of various tree species creates scenographic wonders.

The park’s beauty is heightened by the dance of fountains, their graceful movements choreographed by the abundant local waters. Villa Oliva, with its unique and evocative spaces, stands as the quintessential Tuscan venue for weddings and luxury events.

Be it by the lush greenery of the garden or within the intimate confines of the lemon house, Villa Oliva offers the most beautiful ambience for your most exciting moments. The discreet hospitality and professionalism of the owners, coupled with the unique park spaces, make it an ideal venue for unforgettable events. Villa Oliva beckons you to step into a world of timeless charm and elegance, creating a haven for cherished memories in the heart of Tuscany.

Villa Buonvisi – Tuscany

Villa Buonvisi and its pool, a perfect place for a wedding in Tuscany

Just beyond Lucca’s ancient walls, Villa Buonvisi is another excellent example of the quintessential Tuscan wedding venue. Set amidst centuries-old olive groves and framed by rolling hills, this estate offers an intimate and personalized atmosphere, perfect for crafting your dream wedding.

With a capacity of 22-34 beds, the historic Villa Buonvisi provides a unique stay, featuring a personal touch and panoramic views of the captivating Tuscan landscape. Tailor your special day in this private oasis, where every detail is curated to create lasting memories.

Villa Buonvisi is not just a venue; it’s your exclusive Tuscan haven for an intimate and unforgettable wedding experience. Make it your wedding retreat in the heart of Tuscany, you won’t be disappointed!

Villa Cetinale – Tuscany

The ancient building of Villa Cetinale with its beautiful gardens, perfecet place for a wedding ceremony

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Villa Cetinale stands as a testament to timeless beauty and unparalleled romance. Revered by Architectural Digest as ‘the most beautiful villa in Tuscany,’ Cetinale welcomes you to a world of enchantment.

As you step into the gardens of Villa Cetinale, you’re greeted by a symphony of nature — climbing roses, lilies, irises, and vine-covered pergolas paint a picturesque canvas. The gardens, immortalized by Edith Wharton and celebrated by garden designer Penelope Hobhouse, offer an unrivaled luxury setting for your wedding ceremony. The 17th-century Chiesa di S. Eustachio, nestled within the villa, provides a charming chapel setting. With its romantic and luxurious allure, Villa Cetinale invites you to create lasting memories in this idyllic Tuscan haven.

Beyond the villa, three additional properties on the Cetinale estate — La Cerbaia, Casa Fabbri, and Casa Stella — offer accommodations for up to 48 guests, including 25 within the villa itself. .

Villa Sparina Resort – Piedmont

Villa Sparina from above, surrounded by mountains and vineyards. A perfect place for a wedding

Nestled in the picturesque vineyards of Monterotondo, Gavi, Villa Sparina Resort emerges as a luxurious sanctuary for those seeking an authentic Italian luxury wedding experience.

The allure of Villa Sparina Resort lies in its tranquility, beauty, meticulous attention to detail, and the warm embrace extended by its staff. Situated in the hills of Gavi, the resort offers a soul-inspiring setting for your special event.

The Cantina Barrique is undoubtely a highlight of the VIlla. Characterized by magnificent vaulted ceilings, it exudes an evocative atmosphere, providing an ideal backdrop for creating cherished memories during weddings. The resort’s restaurant, overlooking the vineyards and panoramic terrace, offers a gastronomic journey through regional cuisine with a modern twist. The organic vegetables from their gardens and locally sourced seasonal products reflect a commitment to excellence.

Villa Sparina Resort stands as an exclusive wedding destination in Italy, a place of elegance tailored to perfection. Amidst the vineyards and nature’s embrace, bathed in the warm glow of the sunset, every detail is meticulously attended to. The passion and experience of the Villa Sparina team guarantee a unique and flawless wedding, making it the magical and romantic setting you’ve been searching for.

Choosing the perfect luxury wedding venue in Italy

We bet that by now Italy, this land of love and passion, has stolen your hearts, and we can’t wait to share its magic with you! We absolutely believe that Italy makes for the ultimate blend of luxury and intimacy that’s just perfect for a dreamy and luxury wedding. Each of these venues is telling its unique tale of love and luxury, and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you! Explore our portfolio to witness the stories we’ve had the honor of documenting in these and many other top Italian venues. And of course, if you’re dreaming of an Italian celebration, let’s connect! Learn more about our works at this link and contact us to secure the best memories of your Italian love story.

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